February 2, 2009


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about Grace.

While it's always good to reflect on the goodness of our God, I think one of the reasons it's been on my mind so much is because of some old friends. I've been reconnecting with some old (as in 'from the past' not 'aged'!) friends through this wonderful thing that's called Facebook. And as we've begun to share where we're at, where we've been and what we have hope for, the topic of Grace has come up several times.

We've all screwed up somewhere - somehow. Sometimes deliberately, sometimes blindly, sometimes just because we weren't paying attention and we somehow managed to wander off the path. But for each of us, in our different situations and circumstances we have come to understand the power and beauty of God's Grace. It's nothing we deserve, nothing we can earn...but none the less, it is there.

I love the book of Hosea. Yeah, Hosea - it's a small little book in the Old Testament hidden right behind Daniel. I love this book because it's all about redemption and restoration. It's all about how God not only NEVER gives up on us but that even when we've hit bottom - rejecting him and all he is in the process - he still comes to us. In fact, Hosea says he 'woos' us...

(Oooh, for us girls, when's the last time you were 'wooed.')