May 30, 2011

Milo It Is

Colin loves animals.  Everywhere he goes he makes friends - whether it's with people or pets.  For example, this is Colin with his piano teacher's pets:

May 22, 2011

Finishing Strong

All last week, everytime I started writing my post-race blog in my head, it went something like this:

It's official.  I do not LIKE to run.  I met my goal.  I ran the race. 
And if I never run again, that's ok by me.

But that was pre-race randering...and completely worthless.  So for the official record:

Running is AWE-SOME!!!  Woot-Woot!!! *DaNcE oF JoY!!!*

OK, that may be a slight exaggeration. And I am getting ahead of myself, so reverse that and take a step or two backwards with me through memory lane before I let you know how it really went.

May 17, 2011

Facing Your Fears One Tooth At A Time

For about 2 weeks now, Colin has had a loose tooth.  A very loose tooth.  In fact, for the life of me, I cannot understand why the tooth didn't just fall out just from the force of his exhaling.

Early last week, Isaac and I were already discussing pulling the tooth but Colin didn't even want to talk about it.  Just mentioning pulling the wayward tooth would get him all worked up to the point of tears.  But somewhere along the discussion, he agreed that, if the tooth did not magically fall out on its own, we would pull the tooth on "Tooth Tuesday".

Today is Tuesday.  And today, the tooth was still in his mouth.  And mom, patient and merciful as always (roll eyes now), reminded Colin of his promise to pull the testy tooth today (isn't that fun to say?) And mom wasn't giving in.

So into the bathroom we went.  I gave Colin the option to pull it himself or let me pull it.  He chose to pull it himself (I am not sure if it should bother me or not that he didn't want me to do it.  I've been successfully removing band aids for years - I should be able to pull a tooth.  Geesh.)

May 14, 2011

My Enemy

My enemy is not the woman next to me,
Nor the boy ahead of me.
My enemy is my fear,
My adversary,
the lie that tells me I will fail.


Yesterday, Isaac lapped me.  Twice.

As I felt his approaching presence over my shoulder, I also felt a dark twinge of anxiety and fear begin to dust at the back of my neck.  Then whisper in my ear, "You're never going to catch him.  And you're never going to make it."

My initial reaction was to give in and agree.  But then I got tough and remembered what this is all about.

This whole running thing is not about competing with my son - or anyone else for that matter.  It is about doing something with my son - making a memory, forming a bond.  And it's about doing something for myself - setting a goal at my own pace, meeting my goal and making myself a healthier, happier person in the process.  It is about finishing the race set before me - one step at a time.

And I know I will finish - because guess what else transpired yesterday?  I ran the 25.  You know, the dreaded 25 minutes from this post.  The 25 minutes that almost derailed my journey before it even got started.

And tomorrow I am going to run 27 - and I. am. not. afraid.

So take that liar.  Go whisper lies in someone else's ear.  Ha!

And here's a couple of other random reflections on running, life and other stuff in general:

May 5, 2011

THIS Is What I'm Talkin' About

What a gor-geous day today!! Wah-hoo!! It was just the weather I needed to dust off my collection of spray paint that I started accumulating this fall. There's a lot of dreaming and scheming in all them-there cans (sorry for the bad picture.)

This post is a little longer but its mostly all pictures and the best ones are at the end so hang in there - you don't want to miss them!

So... I got my indoor to-do list to an acceptable length and headed outside, where I decided to start with these:

And I decided to plant some of these:

What Pulls Me...

Today my brain is going a million different directions. It is my day off. And it is sunny (finally!) And I have SO much I want to do before 3:00 when I wrap things up to welcome the kids home from school. And I know that if I don't get a whole chunk of things crossed of that list by the end of the day I will feel frustrated and probably even a little bit cranky.

My to-do list is multiplying like spring bunnies - short little tasks that should only take me a few minutes each to complete.  So why don't I just do it?

Because it's also nice out and I'd love to be outside painting or planting some flowers or even organizing my disaster of a shed.

Then there's also my inside 3 month long 'inside' dilemma of what color I am going to paint our living room/kitchen/dining room.  I am so tired of staring at paint chips but since I cannot even seem to narrow down my choices to something slimmer than "a happy but mature neutral color somewhere in the blue or green or yellow family" I am beginning to think this is the project that might not ever end happen. *sigh*  A decorator I am not.

Then there is the project in the basement...let's not even go there.

But what pulls me - what draws me this morning, I know, is far more important than to-do lists, or garden sheds, or paint chips.  It is my heavenly Father.  This morning I have a hunger for his Word.  I have a need to visit with him and maybe even have a good cry on his shoulder- over my to-do list, my messy house and maybe even a few more things.  I have a longing this morning to just sit with him, to hear him speak to me, to remember that HE is what fills me and completes me.  That HE is what satisfies.

So to-do list - you're going to have to wait.  Paint can - keep your lid on tight for just a little bit longer.  Basement door - I am shutting you (out of sight, out of mind - for now.)

I've got something more important to do first.  And for once, I am going to let it pull me in the right direction.


May 4, 2011

Battle Wounds & Yummy Asian Citrus Salad

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!!! It was exactly what everyone needed around here. I had to just chuckle at #3 son when he came home from school today. He burst through the door screaming "Mom, this was the best day of school EV- ER!" I thought for sure he'd won some contest or had all day recess or something big like that. But when I asked him what was so good about his day, he giggled, "I don't know, mom, it was just really, REALLY GOOD."

Amazing what a little sunshine and fresh air will do.

So while a group of boys got on a fierce game of Four-Square in the driveway, I got out my gardening gloves and started attacking some of the leaves, litter and dead junk in my flower beds.  At first I was just going to do a couple in the back yard but, before I knew it, I had filled two 32-gallon garbage cans and cleaned out ALL 8 of my flower beds.

Woo-hoo!  Around here, we call that Progress.

However, 'progress' often comes at a cost.

My arms came away with some battle wounds that looked even worse because, though I LOVE flowers and all things earthy, I am also allergic to it.  So I got in the house, gave my arms a good scrubbing and doused on the Benedryl.

All better...I promise.

So after my Benedryl bath, it was off to make supper.  Tonight, I was making something new - Asian Citrus Salad.  I was a little nervous about this but Jen at Beauty and Bedlam assured that it would be a hit.  And she was right - Isaac kept telling me how much he liked it in-between mouthfuls and I confess that I went back for a very large second helping (but, hey, its salad.)

So because I want you to make your own Asian Citrus Salad of Awesomeness, here is the recipe:

May 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday & A Lunch Box Dilemma

Last week I did awesome as far as menu planning and my family reaped the benefits! Two of their favorite meals last week were Pizza Burgers and Easy Chicken Parmesean - both new recipes and both meals I will definitely be making again.

So far, this is what the menu looks like for this week:

Monday:  Leftovers (for once, everyone was happy about this!)

Biggest Loser Healthy Tuesday: Asian Citrus Salad
      (This is a new recipe - if it goes over well, I will share.)

Wednesday: BLT's

Thursday:  Potato Soup, homemade bread/rolls

Friday:  Cheesy Veg/Rice Casserole

Saturday: Chicken Enchiladas

Sunday:  Mom's Day (Hmmm...I shouldn't have to cook but considering my husband may be in the field, 
               I am not counting on this.)

Meal planning gets a little challenging this time of year.  When Keith is in the field or hauling seed/fertilizer, I find myself not really wanting to make 'big' meals because he's not here to help eat them.  Plus, I am looking for meals that make travel-easy leftovers. Keith has not yet been able to convince them to install a microwave in his tractor, so these need to be things he can enjoy cold or luke-warm (yeah, that sounds good.)  Finally, I want him to eat healthy - especially since he will spend 14+ hours a day sitting in a truck or tractor.  It's way too easy to pack the lunch box with junk food and candy bars.

How do you deal with this?  I would love some suggestions for my husband's lunch box dilemma!

PS - I'll be linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at

Jesus Loves Motorcycles

Who says you can't have fun in church?

dgroth's Photostream via Flickr
Today our church sanctuary had motorcycles in it.  In fact, after worship, 6 large, loud, shined and well-tuned machines were driven up to the front and parked right in front of the stage.  We wore our jeans and boots and sang loudly to the King of Kings.

It was CMA Sunday.  I love CMA Sunday.

For several years now at our church, the first Sunday of May has been dedicated to celebrating the Christian Motorcycle Association and everything they do to " reach people for Christ in the highways and byways through motorcycling."    Sometimes it's at a truck stop, sometimes it's at a local motorcycle run - often times it's at places most of us would never consider going - such as at bike rallies like the one held in Sturgess, SD every year.