May 17, 2011

Facing Your Fears One Tooth At A Time

For about 2 weeks now, Colin has had a loose tooth.  A very loose tooth.  In fact, for the life of me, I cannot understand why the tooth didn't just fall out just from the force of his exhaling.

Early last week, Isaac and I were already discussing pulling the tooth but Colin didn't even want to talk about it.  Just mentioning pulling the wayward tooth would get him all worked up to the point of tears.  But somewhere along the discussion, he agreed that, if the tooth did not magically fall out on its own, we would pull the tooth on "Tooth Tuesday".

Today is Tuesday.  And today, the tooth was still in his mouth.  And mom, patient and merciful as always (roll eyes now), reminded Colin of his promise to pull the testy tooth today (isn't that fun to say?) And mom wasn't giving in.

So into the bathroom we went.  I gave Colin the option to pull it himself or let me pull it.  He chose to pull it himself (I am not sure if it should bother me or not that he didn't want me to do it.  I've been successfully removing band aids for years - I should be able to pull a tooth.  Geesh.)

What ensued over the next half hour tested every vein of patience that I have. 

He poked.  He prodded.  He pretended to pull.  He twisted it completely around backwards until it stuck out like that last wonky piece of sweet corn left on the cob.

I could not understand why he was so afraid of pulling this tooth.  He has lost 4 other teeth - the last of which he pulled all by himself.   And he has been through much tougher things than this, such as when our dog bit him last fall.  He ended up with an inch long crevasse in his hand and six stitches - through that whole experience he maybe shed two tears.  But by all accounts, the very act of thinking about pulling this tooth would be the end of his short life.  *sigh*

I kept encouraging him, reminded him that the tooth WAS coming out tonight, and promised him popsicles...

Ta-Da!! Victory Dance, anyone?!? (And, yes, that boy needs a haircut!)

When your applause and cheering dies down, please notice his other top middle tooth.  Yes, that one is loose, too.  I've given it a week.  And you know what happens on Tuesdays...

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