May 30, 2011

Milo It Is

Colin loves animals.  Everywhere he goes he makes friends - whether it's with people or pets.  For example, this is Colin with his piano teacher's pets:

Too cute...they have almost come home with us more than once!

Colin has wanted a cat since he was old enough to know what one was.  We already had a dog, however, and were in no hurry to be a two pet family.  Last summer, he wanted a cat for his birthday so bad he thought he would die if he didn't get one.

He didn't get one.

But we compromised and bought some fish, with the deal being that if he took good care of the fishies for a year, he would get a cat for his next birthday.  However, our first couple of experiences with fish did not go well, as I wrote about here (part 1)and then here (part 2).  Colin declared it was all a trick and he was never getting a cat (cue loud, dramatic music.)  But then after some friendly advice and a trip to a real pet store, we ended up with two betas that Colin has been very faithful to feed and water for the last 11 months.

And so that is why, last week, we came home with this, 7 whole weeks before his birthday:

World meet Milo.  Milo meet the world.

Colin looks ecstatic.  The cat, not so much.  That could be because Colin was squishing him with love.  Or it could be because we'd had him home for a whole 15 minutes and he just wasn't quite sure about all of us crazy people yet.

It did not take him long to make him self at home, though, because later in the day this what I found.

Nothing like a boy and his dog cat.  I am assuming that means Milo was worth the wait.  *smile*

Oh, and just for fun, I thought you may enjoy some fun we had at our house recently with our friend, Jordan, and our very 'dangerous' fish.

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