August 6, 2010

John's a good name for a fish, don't you think, Mom?

Since Chris left for the Marines and Isaac moved into a different bedroom, we have had a few struggles with Colin - to say the least.  The other night he had another tearful meltdown and confessed he doesn't like being in his new room 'all by himself'... and that he's lonely... and if he had a cat that would make things ALL better. Well, even though he really wants a cat, we are not sure the dog is ready for one.

So after some hugs and compromising, we agreed to take the plunge and invest in a fish - with the idea that, if he takes good care of it, we'll talk about a cat next summer.

I just pray this fish lives until then or we'll have another situation to deal with!

Oh, and yes, Colin named the fish all by himself.

"John" the fish.

Ever feel like you're living life in a fishbowl...?

AJ thinks something smells a little fishy...


"Mom, I really loved that fish..."

Update:  Not too long after I posted this we noticed something a little, well, fishy, about our new fish.  He seemed to be taking an uncomfortable looking nap along the bottom of his bowl.  A slight poking and stirring of the water confirmed our fears that, yes, John was dead...already.  At this point we are listing the cause of death as a result of Mom's driving and the very inconvenient road construction detour on Highway 210. (Long story but here's a hint: If the sign says 'Minimum Maintenance Road' what it really means is "Danger! Do Not Enter! Run The Other Way!"  Enough said.)

We made another run to the store for some more supplies and to have a chat with the 'fish man'.  He was very helpful and after making some preparations at home tonight, we will be trying another fish tomorrow.

Of course, this whole experience was not without some sorrow.  Colin tearfully informed us that in the short time he knew "John" he truly grew to love him.  We buried him in the back flower garden.  Colin lovingly placed a flower on his grave so "we wouldn't forget where we put him" and we said a short prayer. (Something like "Thank you, God, for John.  He was a great fish - while we knew him.")

Could be a long winter.  I am thinking maybe we should just go get that cat.

He was a great fish...

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