May 5, 2010

Someday You'll Think This is Funny...

Due to the recent rains my husband, Keith, has not been in the fields. Last Friday he came home at noon and announced he was going to finally install the laminate flooring we bought for our kitchen/living room a year and a half ago (The intent was to get it in done in time for our first born's graduation.  When that didn't happen, we lost all motivation.)

The project was going along fairly smooth...until Tuesday night.  We were up until 11:30 trying to get a section done and realized that we were not going to have enough underlayment to finish.  Since Keith would be too busy in the fields to work on the floor once the rain stopped, we knew we had to get the floor done in the next couple of days. No problem, we thought, I'll just get some more underlayment tomorrow.  At worst, I'd need to run the 25 miles to Fergus Falls to pick  some up.

No problem, we thought...

So Tuesday after work I started making calls.  After a couple of dead ends, I called one of the local carpet stores and the guy asked if I needed the 'blue stuff'.  I said "Yes" and he told me it was no problem, just come over and he would get me what I needed. I rushed over there giddy with relief and excitement.  They took the roll off the shelf and were just about to start cutting when I yelled at them to stop.  Their 'blue stuff' was not the same as our 'blue stuff'.  Ours was a thicker recycled (gotta be green, you know) felt with a blue moisture barrier on top.  Theirs was a very thin foam type stuff.  I ran out to the van and grabbed a small remnant of our stuff (why I didn't bring this into the store right away, I have no idea) and showed it to them.  They said they did not carry this - and no one else in town did either.

Half hour wasted but I was not discouraged.  I ran home, grabbed the 3rd born son (middle son loves to stay home by himself and read: in peace and quiet!) and headed off to Fergus.  In an hour, I'd be back just in time for Keith to get home from work and we could start back up where we left off.

First stop, Home Depot.  I knew right where I was going and charged back to the flooring department dragging #3 behind me.  After a frantic search, all I could find was plastic sheeting and some weird red and white stuff that looked like it was made from shredded packing peanuts.  I hunted down an employee and showed him my sample.  To my frustration, he confirmed they did not carry anything like that and started to give me directions to several other local flooring stores.  After recognizing what was my deer-in-the-headlights look, he very graciously pulled out the phone book and started calling other local flooring businesses.  My optimism drained with each phone call. No luck - NOBODY carried this kind of underlayment.  He apologized and suggested I try Fleet Farm.

Recognizing what was my deer-in-the-headlights look...

So off to Fleet Farm we went.   Once again, I and #3 (who was at this point really regretting he had agreed to come on this 'quick' trip with me) trucked to the back of the store (why is all the flooring in the BACK of the store?) They did not have our rare blue stuff either but they did have a thicker yellow foam that was very close in thickness and density.  By now I was desperate.  I said good enough and grabbed a roll.  #3 who is very wise for his age, told me we better get 2 "just in case."  I agreed. We headed to the front of the store, stopping off in the camping section to grab a mess kit for son #2's upcoming Boy Scout trip, paid for our stuff and loaded up into the van for the 1/2 hour trip home.

Half way home, favorite son #2 called me on my cell to tell me he had heard a boom/crash sound in the basement and the dog was down there barking at 'it'.  Freaked out, he said there was no way he was going down there to check it out.  I assured him it was fine and I would figure it out when I (finally) got home.

2 hours later I was home with my 2 precious rolls of yellow stuff.  I hauled it in the house, trying to ignore the headache that was creeping up the back of my head.  After a few minutes of listening to me relate every frustrating moment of my trip, precious son #2 reminded me about the creepy situation in the basement.  We flipped on the basement lights and eased our way down the steps.  We slowly checked every nook and cranny until we got to the far back corner.  Nothing...everything seemed to be fine.

I was appreciating the big open, empty spot where our laminate flooring had been stored for the last year and a half when I noticed a roll of carpeting stuck in the back corner.  Curious as to how much might be on the roll, I peeked in the end of it to see how much was there. I was surprised to see what looked to be a plastic bag.  I gave the bag a tug and what did I pull out?  Nothing other than a full roll of our rare and unique blue recycled felt underlayment.

I let out a huge "Ergggghh!" and was about to start throwing a mini temper tantrum when I looked over to see son #2 laughing so hard he was leaning against the dryer to hold himself up.  I told him it was NOT funny. He just laughed harder, his dimples showing up and making the grin on his face too cute to ignore.   This mommy heart gave in and released a little chuckle.

It took a couple more hours for my annoyance to complete dissipate but I eventually got over it...mostly...I still have 2 rolls of yellow foam to return to Fleet Farm.

We never did find out what made the noise down in the basement.  I'm just going to accept that it was God helping us to find that which was lost.  It shouldn't surprise us.  He's kind of in the 'finding that which is lost' business, after all.  And it wasn't a completely wasted trip.  Son #2  got his mess kit which he spent the rest of the night taking apart and reassembling.  At least I won't have to return that...unless I find out I bought the wrong kind.  Oh, brother...

PS: I'll post pictures of the finished floor when it is DONE!

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  1. Anonymous5/05/2010

    I wish we could do as many home projects as you guys! Funny story! I don't think I would be able to resist Isaac's laugh either!


  2. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Funny!!!! I just reread your email. I said "you were on a roll"! Haha....and this story is about your "rolls". Heehee. Was that pun intended?!


  3. It wasn't intentional, Katie, but it is a good one :)

  4. Anonymous5/20/2010

    Excellent writing as usual.......and wonderful giggles from a great story. luvs U


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