May 5, 2010

Warning: Brag Alert!

OK - I warned that on occasion I may use this space for nothing other than to brag about my kids.

Well, this is one of those occasions.

I would proudly like to announce that my favorite first born son is now a Lance Corporal in the United States Marines. He received his promotion on Monday and we are so excited for him.

Ooh-Rah, Semper Fi and Way to Go!  

We love you, Christopher!

Lance Corporal Christopher M Samuels


  1. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Way to go Christopher! The German's

  2. LOLOLOL.. that is so funny. When I read the part about the noise in the basement, I thought I bet that is the very thing she is looking for and it fell to the floor. Too bad you had to go thru so much that day, but you could say.. hmmmm, what lesson did I learn today!!!! maybe that will be another story!!!

    Congrats to Chris, a proud mother you should be!!


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