May 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday & A Lunch Box Dilemma

Last week I did awesome as far as menu planning and my family reaped the benefits! Two of their favorite meals last week were Pizza Burgers and Easy Chicken Parmesean - both new recipes and both meals I will definitely be making again.

So far, this is what the menu looks like for this week:

Monday:  Leftovers (for once, everyone was happy about this!)

Biggest Loser Healthy Tuesday: Asian Citrus Salad
      (This is a new recipe - if it goes over well, I will share.)

Wednesday: BLT's

Thursday:  Potato Soup, homemade bread/rolls

Friday:  Cheesy Veg/Rice Casserole

Saturday: Chicken Enchiladas

Sunday:  Mom's Day (Hmmm...I shouldn't have to cook but considering my husband may be in the field, 
               I am not counting on this.)

Meal planning gets a little challenging this time of year.  When Keith is in the field or hauling seed/fertilizer, I find myself not really wanting to make 'big' meals because he's not here to help eat them.  Plus, I am looking for meals that make travel-easy leftovers. Keith has not yet been able to convince them to install a microwave in his tractor, so these need to be things he can enjoy cold or luke-warm (yeah, that sounds good.)  Finally, I want him to eat healthy - especially since he will spend 14+ hours a day sitting in a truck or tractor.  It's way too easy to pack the lunch box with junk food and candy bars.

How do you deal with this?  I would love some suggestions for my husband's lunch box dilemma!

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