May 5, 2011

THIS Is What I'm Talkin' About

What a gor-geous day today!! Wah-hoo!! It was just the weather I needed to dust off my collection of spray paint that I started accumulating this fall. There's a lot of dreaming and scheming in all them-there cans (sorry for the bad picture.)

This post is a little longer but its mostly all pictures and the best ones are at the end so hang in there - you don't want to miss them!

So... I got my indoor to-do list to an acceptable length and headed outside, where I decided to start with these:

And I decided to plant some of these:

And I got ready to clean this mess:

BLECH!! But believe it or not, by 3:00 and before the kids got home from school, I accomplished this:

Painted a bench. Isn't it cute!

I also painted the base of my cream separator and a flower pot and planted some flowers.

The next project I needed a little help with, so I enlisted son #2 and we got to work.  
Before too long we had this to look at:

Here is a good before and after:

SOOO much better! (And, yes, we ROCK!)

The only thing we have left is this - I am not sure what it is but my husband brought it home from work 2 years ago.

We have moved it from the garage the shed the garage...and back to the shed.

It is broken and I'm not sure pretty sure no one knows how to fix it.

But there it is.


But moving on to the good stuff.  While we were digging stuff out of the shed, son #3 and a friend were trying to figure out what it was all for.  Next thing I know they had their swim suits on (yes, SWIM SUITS) and were asking me how to hook up the sprinkler.  I was so close to saying a big fat "NO" but then looked up at the big blue sun-filled sky and instead said "I'll be right there."

This is the mayhem that followed (I promised I was saving the best for last):

Did I mention that this was just about a perfect day?

Happy Spring!!

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