January 21, 2011


Winter is here.

*Boos and hisses*

We've endured a week of sub-zero temps, 20-40 mph winds and more snow.  Yeah! 


Needless to say, I do not go out unless I have to and as soon as I get home I put on these:

These are my super-duper Muk-Luk slippers and I guess you could say they were my Christmas present to myself.
I had spotted them at Herberger's in November and threw around several hints.  But alas, Santa was a little slow this year and didn't deliver (and I was GOOD this year - honest!)  so I had to do a little of my own shopping.
Very disappointing really.  I thought Santa checked that list twice but evidently not.  
Or maybe he let one of the elf interns check it so they could garner 'practical experience'. 
Hmmm...I am thinking that isn't working out so well.  I mean, really, if he missed my present how many other well-deserving, Christmas loving, stocking-hanging, hot-chocolate-drinkers didn't get their gifts! 
This could be a global crisis!

But I digress - back to my lovely slippers.  They are soft and comfy and I love how high they are - they even keep my icy ankles warm.  My husband even loves these slippers.  No, he doesn't wear them, silly!  But since they keep my feet so warm, I don't have to resort to using the back of his calves to thaw out my frozen feet and ankles when we crawl into bed at night.  As a result, both of us are sleeping much better!  Definitely worth the investment - even if I did have to buy my own Christmas present (I'm over it...really!)

Thank the Lord, for small, but very much appreciated blessings!


Your turn!

How are you staying warm this winter?

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