September 15, 2010

My Little Treasures

I went to a craft show with some friends a couple of months ago.  I wasn't convinced I would find anything I had to bring home with me but I was definitely excited to just get out with 'the girls'.

So off we went. 
There was SO much to look at but nothing really impressed me until I came across some rocks.

Yes, I was impressed by rocks.  
In fact, I fell in LOVE with these rocks.  

They were everything I had ever dreamed of and everything I could ever want.  
They captured my heart the moment I laid eyes on them and would not let go.

They expressed a part of me that I just cannot hide. 
In fact, I think they represent the BEST parts of me in every way.

I. Had. To. Have. Them.

So what is so special about some ordinary old rocks?

Let me show you.

See?  I told you.  Aren't they beautiful?

Simply. Precious.

And everything that really, really matters...

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  (Matthew 6:21)


Your turn: What little things in your daily life remind you of your true treasures?


  1. I love the rocks....hard to explain why but they're so neat & individual in their color & size. They remind you of your greatest treasures, your kids! Reminds me of the wonderful handprint Philip made in kindergarten, I loved it & was hanging in my bedroom. After the flood, we came in to get stuff & clean what we could. That was hanging on the wall still but when I went to get it, it crumbled into a bunch of pieces (it was a flour dough base). I don't know why that me so profoundly sad....I broke down that day after holding it together thru so many days. Something so simple yet it meant to the world to me because it was made by my beloved son.

    Keep reading it!!


  2. Anonymous9/15/2010

    Right now, when I hold Caleb, I am reminded of my treasures! Did the rocks have the names on them or did you do that?! Love it!


  3. The rocks came with the names. I was SO excited to find ALL 3 boys' names - and they were spelled correctly, too. I can usually find 2 out of 3.

    Rachel - I totally get why that would affect you. I think I would've reacted the same way, especially under those circumstances. Sometimes its the little things...


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