September 18, 2010

My Weekly Wonder: Never Say Nothin'

I had something totally different planned for my Weekly Wonder but then I came across something that totally got my attention.  I mean, I literally stopped what I was doing and said outloud, "Wow."

It all started when I purchased these canning jars at my local Walmart.


Oh, you're impressed.  I can tell.

Serously.  Hang in there. It gets better...I promise.

See, when I got the jars home and went to open the package this is what I saw:


Now when is the last time you saw that?  
And according to the label, Kerr Canning has been doing it successfully for 125 years.

My dad is always saying you "can't buy nothin' that's made in the USA anymore."

Well, Dad, I am guessing that this is one time you're happy to be wrong.

I am for one am going out to buy some more canning jars.
And I might even write Kerr Canning a thank you.

And I am glad to say that it's not true that you "can't buy nothin' that's made in the USA anymore."
Besides that, my English teacher told me never to say nothin'.
It's really bad grammar.


Do you know of anything that is still proudly made in the USA today?


  1. Anonymous9/18/2010

    huh...funny, I was just looking at the menards flyer today and it was all about made in the USA!! Too cool :)

  2. I buy and wear New Balance running/walking shoes because they are made in America. Not ALL of them are, but some styles are. They are one of only a handful of shoes that are American made, and besides that, they're a great shoe!


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