September 10, 2010

My Weekly Wonder: Military Corners & Yes, Maam's

Today my 'Weekly Wonder' is this:

What is so 'wonder-ful' about a bed, you ask?

Please look again.  Closer...closer... 
Please note the bed is made.  Neatly.  The quilt, hand made with love, is straight and even.

This bed was made by my son.  Without being told.  Before lunch.

Are you in as much awe and wonder as I am?

He also showered this morning.  Without being told.
He helped fold a load of laundry.  Without being asked.
He picked up his youngest brother from school.  Without being begged or bribed.  Without complaining.

Uff-da.  You'd think he was growing up or something.

Blame it on the Marines.  Blame it on our so-so parenting skills.  
Blame it on God's grace...but something has happened to my son.  And I think I like it!

Now just to clarify things, he has always been a great kid.  
Smart, steady, a hard worker, giving and compassionate...but he was still a kid.

But I've noticed a mellowing in him...a gentle settling and maturing.  

He is more patient with his brothers (much more patient),
he tells his youngest brother to say "Yes, ma'am" when spoken to, 
he is worried about his 401K (he is 19 and has a 401K!), 
he sits and listens and socializes,
he calls and asks for advice...


Again, I am amazed.

Yeah, I may not be sure who to blame for this but in case I forget to tell you later...thank you.


And Christopher, you were always a great kid.  
But I am even more impressed with the young man you have become.
And I know, whatever your future may hold, you will only continue to marvel and amaze us.
Keep up the 'wonder-ful' work - we are proud of you.

                             (AKA: Mom)


  1. Anonymous9/13/2010

    You taught me well. :)

  2. Anonymous9/15/2010

    Love it Dawn! And i agree with the earlier comment!



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