August 10, 2011

Brain Overload...Or Just Doing What it Works?

There are few things that annoy me more than having to wait for my computer to boot up.

Call me impatient. Call me lazy. But, as they say, just don't call me late for dinner. (Hardy-har-har-har...)

When I go to my computer to check something, it's usually - at least in my mind - important.  And I need to see it now.  Not in 2 minutes - or closer to 5 by the time you boot, reopen your program and locate the file/info - but now.

So for this reason, I very seldom shut down my computer.  Greenies, take it easy on me - I do have it set to 'sleep' mode, so most of the time it's not technically 'on' on - just kinda a little 'on'. *blush*

The other reason that I do not shut down my computer is because I am forgetful.  And curious.  And do not have enough hours in my day.

OK.  That's 3 reasons.

Oh, and because I am like the queen of multi-tasking. Or, at least I try to be but sometimes that gets me in trouble.  And that's a whole different post, trust me.

What really annoys my husband, though, is not only all the programs I will have open on my laptop - but also all the tabs in my internet browser.  He doesn't understand why I don't just open, look, read, delete and be done with it. (This is from the man who checks his email inbox once a month.)  He asked me once why I have "all that' stuff' open?"

My answer: "Because that's how my brain works."

Let me try to explain.  Let say, on any given day, I do turn on and boot up my computer to check my email.  So I open my email and start reading.  I get to an email that reminds me that I need to pay a bill online, so I open up my Firefox browser.  I don't want to get "distracted" by actually paying the bill now, so I just open a tab for the account to remind me to pay it later. And I also remember that I need to balance the checkbook and finish up this months budget.  So I open up Quicken and my Excel worksheet - then minimize them so I don't forget to work on them later. Then I go back to email and see an email from a friend  - which reminds me I should check my Facebook.  I open a tab for that.  But before I check FB - I finish reading email.  I get another funny email from Uncle Gary and, after a good LOL!, I move it to Keith's folder so he can read it later. Then I go back to Facebook where a I see a link for a blog I like to follow and click on that - which opens another tab.  The blog post looks interesting, but long, and I decide to read it later.  I see a quote that someone posted in their FB status that I'd like to remember - so I copy it and paste it into a 'sticky note' on my desktop. Then Isaac reminds me he needs lunch money.  Hmmm...I can take care of that later when I pay that other bill.  I open another tab for the school website so I don't forget.

Thinking about school lunch reminds me that I need to find that recipe for Sesame Chicken I want to make for supper.  So I open another tab and search for the recipe and find it.  I want to print it out but I am out of printer ink, so...I just leave the tab open until it is time to make supper...or I get an ink cartridge, whichever comes first.  Thinking about supper makes me think of my kitchen, which reminds me of tablecloths, which reminds me of the curtains I wanted to check out at IKEA.  But because IKEA's website does not display properly in Firefox (why, oh why?) I grudgingly open Internet Explorer and go to the IKEA webite.

On IKEA's home page it has an ad that tells me they are having a "Swedish Crayfish Buffet"  (I kid you not!)  What does a Swedish Crayfish Buffet look like? And I thought crayfish came from Texas?  Do they really have crayfish in Sweden?  I gotta find out.  Back to Firefox where I, ahem, open another tab and type "Swedish Crayfish" into my Swagbucks search bar.  Wow!  I've won 7 SB's!  Woot!

I am amazed at all the things that pop up.  (Who knew!) I need to read on this more ... later.

I then remember that I have a Cub Scout meeting tonight in the next town over but can't remember where.  I - *sigh* - open another tab and go to our local Scout website, click on the link for the meeting.  When I get to the page for the meeting, I see a note that we need to fill out a form before the meeting that night.  I click on the link for the PDF so I can print out the form but then remember we are still out of printer ink.  I minimize the PDF window and make a notice on my calendar to get to Wal-mart right after lunch to buy ink.

I start thinking about how much money I spend on printer ink and how I hate going to Wal-mart - that reminds me of all the stuff a person can buy at today's many super stores and how in America we have SO much stuff.  I start reflecting on the discipline of being content and how I really struggle with that.  I realize that would make a good blog post, so I go to my blog (in a new tab, of course) and label a new post.  I have found that when I try to write, I am easily distracted (really?) and that it's easier for me to concentrate on my topic if I have my blog open in a window of its own.  So I redirect my blog tab to a new window and minimize it ... for later.

By now, I have only been on my computer for a half an hour, have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Excel, Adobe, Window Live Mail and Quicken minimized at the bottom of my screen and my browser looks something like this:

Foolishness and mayhem.

And it work for me.  By the end of the day, I will have taken care of all of those items above plus more.  In between, I will do all those things that busy moms do and I will get it all done.  And at the end of the day, I will probably have some more tabs and windows and programs open ...  for tomorrow.

Keith still says he doesn't understand.

But he is man.  And I am woman.  So what's new?

Be blessed...

How does technology work for you - or doesn't it? What does your computer screen look like on a 'productive' day?

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