August 3, 2011

That Darn Cat

First off:

A Random Word of Wisdom:

Bunnies are only cute when they're not eating your peas.

Just sayin'...


They say dogs are the dumb animals. And I admit, as much as we loved our last pooch, he wasn't the brightest bulb on the block. He was loyal and friendly and funny...but not too smart.

So when we got our cat, Milo, I was expecting great things.  Yes, he can poo in a box.  Yes, he is smart enough to hide when our house fills up with loud, obnoxious boys.  But other than that, I'm not too impressed.  After much observation, it seems like a cat's daily activities can be summarized like this:

STOP! LOOK!  A sock!     ...ATTACK!

STOP! LOOK!  A piece of paper!     ...ATTACK!

STOP! LOOK!  A tail!     ...ATTACK!
STOP! LOOK!  Mom's laptop!     ...Let's go for a stroll!
STOP! LOOK!  A dish towel!     ...ATTACK!

STOP! LOOK!  A foot! An ankle! A toe!     ...ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!

Poo break...

     (Translation: Where's my food! Where's my food!...I'm sure I haven't eaten in days!)

Nap time...

STOP! LOOK!  A sock!     ...ATTACK!
Repeat this order several times a day, applying bandages to human's feet and ankles as needed, and you now understand the life of a cat.

Good. thing. he's. cute.


Ahem. I mean...darn cats!


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