September 16, 2011

He is With Us

"...and they will call him Immanuel, which means 'God with us.'"
Matthew 1:23

God wants nothing more than to be with us. We are his creation, in whom he delights!

But being close to his beloved creation has not always been an easy thing.  We are imperfect.  We are sinful.  And that sin separates us from Him.

Yet, he aches to be with us.  He longs to be close to his children.

In Nicole Johnson's book, "Fresh-brewed Life," she makes the following statement:
"In Christ, God became one of us to be near us."
That is the gospel in a nutshell.  God came to be near us.  He wanted to be near us so badly that he sent his precious son to suffer, to be beaten, to die...just so that we could crawl up into his arms and once again feel his presence.

Not just for a moment.

        Or a day.

             Or even this earthly lifetime.

                   But for an eternity.

Just something to think about.

God's message of redemption is so simple - yet so far beyond our comprehension.  What is it about God's love that amazes you the most? What can you do to drawer closer to him?

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