September 7, 2011

An I.C.D. Solution

My friend, Jackie, has once again saved the day and I will love her forever.

Jackie read my Here We Go post last week. The one where I lamented my need for Iced Coffee even though it is currently not in the budget. It was a serious I.C.D.: Iced Coffee Dilemma.

I said maybe I would have to ... gulp ... learn to make it myself.


So I did a little online research - and I found a LOT of recipes. They all said things like "grind-press-strain-wait 12 hours-press again" or "soak-brew-strain-chill-process".

All I want is a cup of coffee.  A cold cup of coffee.  Geesh.

But then enter, Jackie.  She has answered more of my cooking/baking questions in the last months then I could ever count and has never steered me wrong.  Shame on me for not thinking of asking her first.  But regardless, she heard my cry took pity on me pulled through and, as a result, I am sipping a cup of to-die-for goodi-licious-ness at this very moment.  Seriously, I am in iced-coffee heaven right now.

And I didn't even have to break a sweat to get there.

Yeah, for me!!

And kudos for Jackie.  I have told her more than once she should write a cookbook - and I mean it.  I've even thought of a few titles, especially after today's little fantabulous success.  So far I've come up with:

100+ Recipes That Will Save Mealtime (And Your Sanity)

Cool Cooking with Hot Results

Delicious Goodness on a Dismal Budget 
(or Starbucks Taste on a McDonald's Budget)

Because I Can Make It Better
(Recipes, Tips & Insights from a Woman Who Really Knows How to Cook)

Just Don't Call Me Late For Dinner 'Cuz Jackie's Cooking and I Know It's Gonna Be Good

Fantabulous Food Fixes for Frantic Families

Life Beyond Ramen Noodles and Take Out

OK, so make coming up with book titles is not my gift - but I tried.  And I am sure after a few more cups of iced coffee goodness the ideas will be flowing more freely.  In the meantime, how about I just shut up (its not polite to guzzle with your mouth open) and share the recipe.

Incredibly Heavenly (and Easy) Iced Coffee of Deliciousness
(not sure if this is the "official" recipe title or not but it's what I'd call it)

1 pot of strong brewed coffee (which, for us, meant throwing an extra scoop of coffee grounds in the basket)
1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 tsp vanilla (or more if preferred)
Ice cubes (Freeze left over coffee into cubes - they won't 'dilute' your beverage when they melt!)
  • Pour coffee, SCM and vanilla into a large pitcher.  
  • Stir well and put into fridge to chill - or at least cool slightly.  All depends on how badly you need your coffee fix.
  • Put a few frozen coffee cubes into a tall mug or glass and pour coffee mixture over the top.
  • Sit back. Sip. Close eyes and sigh in delight.
No pressing. No straining (for me or the coffee.)

And almost no waiting.

Signora, MickeyD's.  Who needs you.

And what's even more awesome is that I had all of these ingredients on hand so I met the first goal of No Spend September - which was to eat out of our pantry.  None of these items required a trip to the store and therefore put no pinch on the budget.

Score.  And double score.

Today is a good day.  Enjoy.

What is your favorite money saving recipe? Are you going to try the Incredibly Heavenly Iced Coffee of Deliciousness? What do YOU think Jackie should title her first cookbook?

I am also hooking up with House of Hepworths for this post! 

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