October 21, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

OK, don't worry, I am NOT about to break out into song but, geesh, have you noticed that chill in the air? After spending 3 hours outside on Saturday afternoon for a Cub Scout event, I was just about frozen solid (I may have under-dressed for the weather just slightly.)  I came home, made a very large mug of hot chocolate, turned the heat on and curled up on the couch under a mountain of blankets like a bear ready for hibernation. I was perfectly content to remain there until the spring thaw but then I felt a poke.  The poke was followed by a faint, vaguely familiar voice penetrating through the layers of blankets and insulation.

It sounded something like, "M-hm, eem engly."

I pushed away a couple of layers and asked the voice to repeat itself.

"Moo-oommm, eem wundry..."

I poked my nose out. "What?", I whined asked through blue lips.

"Mom, I'm hungry. Now. You need to make supper."

*sigh*  The shortest hibernation ev-er.

Thank goodness for soup.  And not the kind that comes out a tin can; but the kind that simmers on the stove awakening you out of that winter chill and getting your stomach juices rumbling for a taste. And I knew, once my son had my attention, that's exactly what today's chilly weather called for. So I grumpily happily crawled out of my nest and got to work.  This soup takes a little while but it is SO worth the wait - a big thank you to my friend, Rachel, for the recipe.  I tweaked it a little to fit the tastes of my sometimes picky family and it has quickly become a family favorite.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

This weekend, once again is supposed to be CO-OLD, so it would be a perfect time to try it out. And whether you serve it with a loaf of french bread from your local super store - or serve it with some freshly made Naan  - this is the perfect soup for a chilly fall day.  Enjoy!

Are you ready for this cold weather? Do you have a run-to recipe for when the weather turns chilly? And if the hot soup doesn't do the trick, there's still always hibernation. Right? Right?!?

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