October 25, 2011

If It's Got A Tail...

OK - this is just silliness but I couldn't resist.  

We've been huge VeggieTales fans for years but as the boys have gotten older we've gotten a little behind on our episodes.  Last week, we picked up "The Land of Ha's" from our local library, and boy, I cannot believe what we've been missing.  I just had to share the joy, so without further ado, I am now introducing our new favorite "silly song" (be sure to play over and over repeatedly until you can sing along.) Email readers go HERE.

*giggle* Like I said, complete silliness. But you gotta love it!

What's your favorite silly song or VeggieTale episode?  How badly does it bother you that they don't have arms? And does it ever affect your children's veggie consumption (Mom, I can't eat Jr.!)

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