October 25, 2011

Monday *sigh*

Monday's To-do List:

1. Shower and become human
2. Send kids off to school
3. Take a Nap Check email
4. Remember that I never ate breakfast
5. Remember that we are out of cereal
6. Eat breakfast. Fill up large water bottle.
7. Begin shopping list/meal plan
8. Take a nap Type out directions for parents on how to log in to the Cub Scout Website. Get distracted and check online news and cruise Facebook. Pet cat who is now laying on top of my laptop.
9. Finish typing directions.  Transfer money to kids lunch account to avoid nasty letter from school lunch lady.
10. Clean kitchen and make coffee
11. Pack up stuff for tonight's Pack Meeting, dig cat out of bag
12. Sew patches on Scout shirts so we can wear them to tonight's meeting
13. Take a Nap Feed cat and think about eating lunch
14. Eat some chocolate and get ready to run errands
15. Get groceries, stop at hardware store and pick up coupons
16. Unpack groceries
17. Take a Nap Kids are home from school: do homework
18. Clean bathrooms and write some letters (not at the same time)
19. Start supper, Eat supper
20. Run errand I forgot to do earlier
21. Pack Meeting
22. Run kids home
23. Go back for Popcorn Meeting
24. Make sure kids are in their beds where they belong
25. Clean kitchen, pick up kids scattered belongings, start load of laundry
26. Attempt to catch up with husband before he falls asleep
27. Play with cat
28. Take a nap.  Go to bed. Uff-da.

How was your Monday? Keith is working 15 hour days in the fields and we are all tired. I have a hard time settling in for the night until he gets home which, right now, is between 10-11 PM. So thankful for the extra hours (God always provides) and for the fabulous weather the Lord has given us this harvest - but we will so be ready for a lo-ong winter's nap when they are all done.

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