October 17, 2011

Monday Meal Plan

Well, for the first time in weeks (yes, I said weeks) I actually did a complete weekly meal plan and did my grocery shopping, too. My discouragement over trying to eat healthy has derailed my weekly menu planning but today I was determined to do it and I got it done.

Woot!  Chocolate for me!

So before you keel over from the suspense, here's what I'll be cooking this week.
Monday:  Mini Muffin Cup Meatloafs and Glazed Carrots (from the garden!)

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Breasts with Rice/Broccoli

Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs (with sauce I made from scratch and froze last week)

Thursday:  Stir Fried Shrimp and Rice with veggies

Friday:  Pizza :)

Saturday: Sandwiches & Fruit Smoothies (lunch), Chili (supper)

Sunday: Turkey, green beans and Cheesy Potatoes

That's it.  Nothing too exciting but all fairly healthy meals, little processed foods (except for one can of creamed soup) and meals that I know will make my kids happy.

Good news:  I finally figured out that using frozen shrimp is fairly budget friendly, especially compared to how expensive beef & pork have gotten.  And it's nice to have something different.

Bad news:  I forgot to buy the chocolate. *sigh*

So what's cooking at your house tonight?  Trying anything new this week?  Do you menu plan or do you prefer to 'wing it'?

I am also linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at OrgJunkie.com

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