October 5, 2011

Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson

"Coffee is an invitation. When someone invites you to get coffee, it isn't because he or she is thirsty; more likely, that person just wants to spend time with you. Coffee calls us out of hiding."
My first encounter with Nicole Johnson was as the dramatist at a Women of Faith conference several years ago.  She was funny, witty, relevant and profound.  And she had a way of connecting with her audience as if she was sitting down with you, one on one, over a cup of coffee.  Personal, comforting, challenging ... as if she was looking right into your soul where no one else could see.

Fresh-Brewed Life is more of the delightful same - and more.

For the woman who feels stale, lonely, purposeless or even lost.  Through the pages of this book, she helps you to look into your own heart to regain that which was lost, forgotten, stuffed down- buried deep within. She reminds you, in an inspired, insightful and witty way that God longs to spend time with us and speak into our hearts - to help us face our lives with honesty so he may refresh us and help us to find the joy in living that he created us for.

In 10 short chapters, Nicole draws you out of your shell.  She walks you through exploring your heart, dreams, longings, friendships  - and even your anger - to help you to unlock all those things that you have been dreaming of sharing but never dared - to be the "you" that you always knew you were deep down inside.  Along the way, you'll find a beauty and intimacy with God that you never imagined.  And, as I was, you will be changed and transformed.

Fresh-Brewed Life is a journey - not a book to be rushed through or read in one sitting. But a book to savor, simmer and brew over slowly. I absolutely loved this book and cannot imagine a woman who would not be better off for reading it. I encourage you to give Fresh-Brewed Life a try and just see "if you [don't] find the Creator finding you and drawing you out of hiding, welcoming you, issuing the same invitation: Wake up to a richer, fuller, more flavorful life than you ever imagined."

This book is perfect as an on-your-own resource but several discussion questions for each chapter are also included at the back of the book, if you wanted to use it for a small women's group study.  

In compliance with FTC regulations, I am now mentioning that BookSneeze® graciously provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to read and review. My review is completely honest and in no way influenced by BookSneeze or any other source. This post also includes affiliate links.

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