April 20, 2011

An Easter Tradition

Easter is so late this year that it has completely snuck up on me (weird, I know.)  I still need to get to the store to buy eggs for coloring - hopefully there are some left!

And even though our kids will find a 'bunny trail' of treats leading out of their bedroom doors on Sunday morning, we never really talk about the Easter Bunny.  He's kind of a 'non-issue' at our house - just like that guy in the red suit at Christmas.  We try to focus on what Easter really means to us:  the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So one of our favorite Easter traditions is breaking out the 'Resurrection Eggs'.  Resurrection Eggs are a set of a dozen plastic eggs, each with a special surprise inside that corresponds to scripture and the resurrection story.  The eggs come with a small book that walks you through the eggs.  If you have younger kids, you can just read the scripture and talk about what is in the egg.  If you have older kids, there is a longer story for each egg.

You can get these eggs at many different places online (like HERE) or at your local Christian bookstore.  We've probably had our set about 8-9 years and they look like this.

You can do all the eggs in one sitting or do one egg a day for 12 days.  And no matter how you do it, you and you're family will have a tangible hands-on way to understand and remember that Jesus lived, died, and best of all...rose again!


Have a Happy Easter!

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