April 1, 2011

More Conquered Clutter

Wednesday was supposed to be a work day for me but about 10:30 Tuesday night, son #3 started rejecting everything he had eaten in the last 24 hours.  The stomach flu had made its arrival at our house.  Yeah. *sarcasm*

So Wednesday, I stayed home with Bubba James as he overdosed on cartoons in between naps.  I wisely decided not to participate in the overindulgence and, instead, found a couple of projects to work on.  Namely this:

Blech.  The first spot was full of stuff we pulled out of Isaac's new room when we painted a few weekends ago.  The second spot is a dangerous catchall.  You know - that spot you set things "just for now", promising yourself you'll "take it upstairs with you next time and put it away."  Except "next time" never comes. *sigh*  Well, anyhow, I plunged in and 15 minutes later the spots looked like this:

So. much. better.  And did you notice above where I said it only took me 15 minutes!  I'd been putting off cleaning these two spots and all it took me was a lousy 15 minutes to clean them up.  So, so sad...

But now I was on a roll so I decided to tackle this spot (I hope you're ready for this):

Yikes!  This is supposed to be a closet.  A closet that I seriously just cleaned about 2 months ago.  But everyone in my family seems to think that, because the closet has a door on it, it is ok just to throw junk in there.  Don't know where to put something?  Let's throw it in the closet!  *BIG sigh*

But I put on my rubber gloves (not - I can't stand wearing rubber gloves) and dove into the abyss with a vengeance.  And hour later I arose victorious and it looked like this (cue peaceful music and chirping birds):

Ta-da!  What a difference!  Just in case you didn't catch it, here's a before/after comparison:

It's spring and I can feel the spring-cleaning juices flowing. Purge and Conquer, I declare!!

I am linking up with A Slob Comes Clean: March Decluttering Update .

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