April 29, 2011

Well, Hello There...

Hello, there.  Remember me?  It's been so long since I've blogged that I think I may have forgotten how. Geesh.

What have I been up to?  So glad you asked!  The last week has been weird and crazy and busy and sad and good.

We did some of this:

And it rained.  Some more.  So since we could not work outside in the yard, we did this:

 I did not realize how dark that entry way had been until after we painted it.  The pictures just do not do the soft barely-there-lemon color justice(Better Homes & Garden's Touch of Lemon).  It is very soft but definitely not white - like bringing a gentle breeze of Spring indoors (boy, could we all use that!)  Now I keep going in there to turn the light off - only the light's not on!  It's just bright in there compared to the dungeon brown it was before.  LO-OVE IT!!!  Every time I go around the corner now, it makes me smile.

But if that wasn't enough, we also did this:

Those are before and after pictures of our office/den/craft/junk room floor.  LO-OVE it - again!  What a huge difference.  And those are just inexpensive sticky floor tiles from Home Depot.  I loved it so much we also put them in here:

I was going to take a picture of the carpet in the before picture to show you how gross it was but it was just too embarrassing.  (Believe me, you don't want to know.)  Everything feels so nice and clean now - and I felt so productive!

The rainy weather also meant Isaac and I could not run outdoors (well, we could but, no, ain't going to happen) and the Easter holiday meant the college gym was closed, so our running schedule got totally messed up.  So after not doing anything for 4 days, we ran for 17 minutes outside on a muddy track.  Add to that the fact that I spent Friday painting (poor neck and shoulders) and most of Saturday on my hands and knees (not good for 40 year old knees and hips) - and by Monday I was feeling about 120 years old.  Yes, one hundred and twenty - it was that bad.  It didn't help either that I ate horrible all weekend (lousy Easter candy) and totally forgot what my water bottle looked like.  All in all, it was a very good reminder about consistency when trying to make a life change.  Needless to say, my water bottle has not left my side since Monday.

Easter Sunday was quiet but nice.  We had a wonderful service at church celebrating Jesus!  I am so thankful for his love and his sacrifice.  Can anyone ever truly grasp what He has done for us?  Each day is a new moment to celebrate and rejoice in his beautiful grace!

We thought we were going to go home after church for ham sandwiches but some friends invited us over for dinner.  What a feast!  Turkey and ham and all the fixings.  We left stuffed and refreshed from the fellowship.  Thank you, Deb & Jeff, for your hospitality!

Monday we were up early to travel to Casselton, ND for my Grandmother's funeral.  What a bittersweet day.  I still don't think it has sunk in that Grandma Donut is gone and it feels very weird.  The funeral was nice and I was honored to do the scripture readings for the service (even if I did give my cousins a bad time about shirking their public speaking duties).  Afterwards, I spent time with my cousins as we got caught up, harassed each other (of course) and laughed - a lot.  In the end, even amidst the sadness, it was a good day.

That is my last week in a nutshell.  Today the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the grass is looking greener by the minute!  I am sitting in my favorite spot - in the living room in front of our big picture window (which is OPEN, by the way) - breathing in the fresh air.

Today life is good.  And I am going to enjoy every moment of it.

Be blessed.

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