April 4, 2011

Spring in ND: Got A Boat?

We've been anxiously waiting for Spring here in ND but with a bit of trepidation. We have had major flooding problems in the Red River Valley area for several of the last few years. Communities have been devastated by the powerful waters that seem to come from no where.

Today, I went to take son #3 to guitar lessons. But only after receiving a phone call from his teacher telling me we'd have to take an alternate route because some of their roads were already under water.

(please click on any of the following pictures to view them larger)

Two days ago, I took this road and everything, as far as you could see, was still covered in snow.
Today, everything was lakefront property.

The first three pictures were taken on my way to guitar lessons.  At that point, the water was just licking at the edges of the roadways.  45 minutes later, it looked like this:

Ummm...where did my road go?  I was SO glad to get home.

Please keep our communities in prayer as we wait this out.  
And you come to visit, make sure you bring a boat!

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