November 12, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 12

Day 12: Today I am thankful for Pretty. Nails. and friends with 'Skills'.

Warning:  Girly stuff ahead.

Today I did something I have NEVER done.  I got my nails done!  OK - so not that big of a deal in the whole "global-eternity" scheme of things, but in the "I'm-off-to-celebrate-my-20th-Anniversary-in-style" scheme of things...TOTALLY a big deal!!  Take a look...

LO-OVE IT!  I am sure that they will look gorgeous when my sweet friend Billye takes photographs of us this morning.  Billye is the owner of Coenen Photography in Alexandria, MN.  Since Keith and I have no wedding pictures (lo-onggg story), she agreed to take some photos of us for our 20th Anniversary.  I am so excited and, at this point, I have still managed to keep the whole event a surprise from Keith - even after he ironed his own tuxedo shirt the other night.  (Maybe that's another thing to be thankful for:  a husband who doesn't ask a lot of questions. Tee-hee!)

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  1. I hope your anniversary weekend is everything you both looked forward to...and more!
    Love ya!


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