November 15, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 15

Day 15:  I am SO thankful to have been married to my dear sweet husband for 20 years as of today!  I CANNOT imagine being married to anyone else.  He is such a treasure - definitely a 'keeper' :) We have had some bumps in the road and some sorrow - but also lots of joy and laughter!!!   Thank you, Keith, for putting up with me for all these years and I look forward to at least 20 years more.


PS - a big thank you to my friend, Billye Coenen, who took this fabulous photo (and many more) for us to celebrate our anniversary. We had an absolute blast and it was totally worth running around outside in November in a strapless dress! If you are anywhere near the Alexandria, MN area, be sure to check her out at Coenen Photography or on Facebook!

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