November 25, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 25

Day 25:  Today is Thanksgiving!  Where to start?!?  I am thankful for so many things; good food, great family, a safe trip, the love and mercy of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour... I am surrounded by blessings all around - they truly overwhelm me.

Today was our first Thanksgiving without our favorite #1 son.  I had a few weepy moments over the last couple of days - but I am thankful that he is safe and doing well.   I am thankful for the family that made him a part of their own for this holiday, gave him a bed to sleep in and filled (or attempted to fill) his bottomless belly.  It makes it easier to be away from him knowing he is still being cared for by a 'mom' and harassed by some substitute little brothers.  

I will be thankful for that today - and tomorrow I will continue to plan how I am going to spoil him when he comes home at New Year's!

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