November 4, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 4

On Day 4, I find myself thankful for all the times I have been protected from danger.

Part of the reason I am thankful for this today is because of the scary dream I had last night.  I won't go into detail other than to tell you that it spooked me enough to remind my husband - twice - to lock the door on his way out to work.  Yeah, it was that bad. Blech...

The other reason is because I just experienced this protection the other day.  I was pulling out into traffic from a parking lot.  Just as I pulled in to an empty lane, a very, very large pickup decided he was going to switch lanes and he wanted my spot.  I sped up as fast as I could in my little soccer mom van but the faster I went, the faster he accelerated.  I know this may sound paranoid but, to be honest, I think the gentleman was trying to cause an accident.  Just as all I could see in the rear view mirror was chrome steel bumper, the truck came to almost a complete stop like he'd run out of gas.  The whole incident probably only lasted 15 seconds but it took my breath away and I was thanking God for his protection all the way home.

Whew!  There is a reason I don't drive in the cities - I can barely handle the dangers and perils of small town America.


Your Turn!
When in your life have you felt 'protected'?

Psalm 91:4 
"God will cover you with His wings; you will be safe in His care; His faithfulness will protect and defend you."

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