March 4, 2011

Randering Through Proverbs: Can You Hear Me Now? (Day 4)

Proverbs chapter 4 (emphasis mine):

Ok, anything that starts by saying, "pay attention...," well...gets my attention.
"Listen, my sons, to a father's instruction; pay attention and gain understanding. I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching." (Proverbs 4:1,2)
This whole chapter seems to have a sense of urgency to it. It is filled with phrases like "listen", "pay attention", "do not forsake", "do not forget", "hold on", "do not let go", "look straight ahead", and "fix your gaze". Some of these are even stated more than once.

It is as if the author is trying to tell us something (ya' think?)  He has spent the first 3 chapters of Proverbs extolling the virtues of Godly wisdom but he's still not sure we got the message.

Parents, you should so understand this.  How many times have you said something important to your kids once, twice, even three times or more only to find yourself studying your beautiful and beloved child standing there (or walking away) with nothing more than that deer-in-the-headlights look in their eyes?

At which point (if you are anything like me), you usually respond with, in your loudly stern but oh-so-loving voice, "Did you even hear a word of what I just said?"


Can you hear your heavenly Father cry out to you:
"I give you sound learning, do not forsake my teaching!"  I know what I'm talking about!  I've been there...I've seen it all that and I don't want you to make the same mistakes as so many others!  Please listen to me.  Trust me that I know what I am talking about.  Do not walk away from me but fix your eyes on me and take what I have to say to heart.
But like the stubborn wayward children that we all are...we do just that.  We always have to test the waters.  Check out the grass on the other side of that fence.  Find out for ourselves that we can't have our cake and eat it, too.

*Big sigh*  Being a parent is hard. 

Can you imagine being the parent of a billion + kids all going through the terrible twos? Or how about the "trying teens"?  Yikes!

I cannot help but wonder if God ever sits up there on his heavenly throne and just sighs and rolls his eyes at us.


I would hope that when God speaks to me that I "get it" the first time.  That I accept it, embrace it and move forward in complete trust and faith in what He has said.  But I know that isn't true.  I am stubborn and questioning and just down right hard-headed sometimes a lot of the time.

Oh, Lord, help me...forgive me for my unbelief and my rebellious heart.  Forgive me for being such a difficult child.  Help me to trust you and to take you at your word.  Forgive me for all the times I've thought my plan was better than your plan; or that your plan could be "plan b".  Thank you for your endless patience and mercy and grace.  And help me, as a parent, to extend that same patience, mercy and grace to my own children at all times and in all circumstances.  Amen.

That gives me plenty to think about for today.

Have a great weekend.  Be blessed.  And let's try to pay attention...we just might learn something.


Your Turn!

What did you pull out of Proverbs 4?
Are you quick to listen and take God to heart or do you need to hear it a few times before it "sinks in"?


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