March 24, 2011

Visual To-Do List Progress Report

A while back I posted about about my growing To-Do List. I am happy to announce that I have made some small progress on that list. I began in my office/craft room by tackling two years of school papers and other miscellaneous.

Here is the "before":

And here is the after:

A job well done, if I do say so myself, and it only took two episodes of "Murder, She Wrote" to get it done.  Makes me wonder why in the world I put it off so long. (Foolishness and mayhem is why...)

Today, I also checked something off my mental to-do list that is probably a lot more important:  I had friends over.  I called the elaborate (total sarcasm) affair a "Sack Lunch Social" - which basically means they brought their PB&J, can of soup, Subway or leftovers to my house for lunch.  I provided dessert, beverages and background music.  My friends came and went as their schedules allowed for work, etc and we had a great time.  I didn't clean house (ok - I did shove the stuff that had been piled on the kitchen counter into another room) and I didn't spend hours prepping a meal.

But 6 ladies showed up with their soup and sandwiches and we just fellowshipped.  And I was so refreshed.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that came over.  Its been way too long since I've had uninterrupted adult conversation.  *contented sigh*

And on top of that, God made the sun shine just for us.  Cause that's just the way he rolls...

Now its starting to feel like spring.

Be blessed...


I am also linking up to A Slob Comes Clean: Spring Spruce Up and Organizing Junkie: 52 Weeks of Organizing .

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